Sunday, September 28, 2014

Light Whole Wheat Pretzels



Recipe source:  Artisan Bread Every Day by Peter Reinharts P.128


  • Adjusted ingredients to incorporate 25% whole wheat flour.  The resulting ingredients for the dough:
    • 425g Roger’s bread flour
    • 142g Anita’s whole wheat flour
    • 24g brown sugar (next time should use honey)
    • 3g yeast
    • 375g water
    • 11g sea salt
    • 28.5g melted butter
  • No need to adjust flour and water content when mixing and kneading
  • Very easy and convenient recipe.  Mix the dough at night, put in the fridge for overnight rise, shape and bake the next morning.
  • The pretzels came up soft and tasty.
  • Next time should try using more whole wheat flour and using honey instead of brown sugar

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