Friday, October 17, 2014

Multigrain Sourdough

Would it be great to have a bread that combine this magnificent whole wheat sourdough and this multigrain loaf that I love so much?   After searching high and low on the internet for an exact recipe, I realized the only way to do it is my way! So, with this recipe from Chocolate & Zucchini as the starting point, using an excel spreadsheet, I converted the recipe to formula and changed up a bit to incorporate the 7 or 8 grains hot cereal to the formula.  Applying the autolyse and stretch and fold method that I learnt, I baked up this multigrain sourdough.  What a satisfying experience.  The bread turned out great and I can really call this My Bread! 

Here is the recipe:
15g 100% hydration starter
69g whole wheat flour
69g water

Final Dough
124g 7 or 8 grains Bob’s Red Mill Hot Cereal
138g boiling water for soaking the hot cereal
375g bread flour
39g whole wheat flour
207g water
8g kosher salt
Here is a brief timeline and steps that I followed:
Day 1 10:20 p.m. Mix starter ingredients thoroughly, cover with cling wrap, leave it overnight on counter
Day 2 7:10 a.m. Soak cereal in boiling water, leave it to cool down for an hour to around 100F, stir occasionally
  8:10 a.m. Mix final dough ingredients with the soaker, except salt, by using either a mixer with dough hook, or your hands, until the mixture forms a shaggy mess, cover and leave the dough for 20 to 30mins.
  8:43 a.m. Add salt.  Mix for 6 – 8mins at low speed.  The dough should be quite tacky and clear the side of the mixing bowl, adjust amount of flour and water if necessary. 
  8:56 a.m. Finish mixing.  Rest for 45mins. (I did not wait for the exact amount of time sometimes, I might do the S&F sooner or later, depends on whether there were other stuff I was doing at that time)
  9:40 a.m. First stretch and fold.  Followed by 35 - 45mins rest.
  10:15a.m. Second stretch and fold.  Followed by 35-45mins rest.
  11:08a.m. Third stretch and fold. Followed by 35-45mins rest.
  12:00a.m. Shaping to a batard and start proofing.  The proofing time I originally planned for was 2 to 2.5 hrs.
  1:00p.m. Preheat oven to 500F, with pizza stone in the middle rack and steam tray in the lower rack
  1:30p.m. After doing finger poking test for a few times during proofing, I decided that the loaf was ready to bake much earlier than planned.
Just before baking, remember to slash the loaf.
The loaf was baked at 500F for 5mins, with steam induced by boiling water and water spray. Then lowered the temperature to 450F for 20mins, and again lowered to 425F for 10mins. The loaf is done when the internal temperature reaches 205F.
  2:05p.m. Done.

Notes for next time:

  • would like to increase the percentage of whole wheat flour
  • may increase the amount salt
  • The bottom part of the loaf is a bit dense this time.  It may be the result of the pizza stone not heated up long enough. So, watch out next time.  Should preheat the oven sooner!
  • There is a a bit of a bite to the texture of the bread.  I personally love it. But if a smoother texture is preferred, you should consider using more water to soak the grains overnight instead of the 1 hour the recipe asked for.

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